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It was quite the weekend. I thought a lot about how drinking copious amounts of alcohol is often referred to as a “bender” and my weekend was like that except a shopping bender. As you may have read in my last post I was itching to visit Sephora and pick up some new make-up. I also have recently fallen in love with the Rock & Republic line at Kohl’s. This line has just enough rock-star kick to it, but without going over the top. Needless to say I was on a shopping weekbender…

First stop was Kohl’s where I picked up this great Rock & Republic flowery/flowy top. Is it sad that after I bought it I thought it would be a great top someday when i am pregnant? Plenty of room to grow in this one. I also had been eyeing this R&R jacket for weeks. It’s got a great rhinestone detail along the neckline and hangs down. Just a bit of a rock edge to your classic black blazer. Both pieces actually look great together, but can easily be layered with other items. I particularly love the top with a tan sweater and jeans and some fab purple nail polish that I tried out today (more on that later). There were some other R&R pieces that I loved, but I honestly have to pick and choose or else I will go into foreclosure. God bless my husband for spoiling me!

I also headed over to Ulta instead of Sephore due to traffic and proximity to Kohl’s. I had to list my make-up priorities before going in or else I knew I would have trouble on my hands. In my last post I mentioned that I was interested in the Stila shimmer powder so I tried it out in the store and immediately loved it. I used it yesterday and today and it really does brighten up my face and give that dewey look. Now if only I can keep my hands off my face so I don’t rub it off. Why am I such a face and hair toucher? Don’t worry I only touch my own…maybe.

I also picked up some new Smashbox eye liner in onyx and I honestly don’t know how I used CoverGirl or any of the other store-bought brands. I love this eye liner. It goes on creamy and smooth and and comes with an attached sharpener and the pencil itself is at least twice the size of the ones in the store. I am interested to try some liners in other colors- maybe a purple or teal. I’ve heard that white liner is great for pale skin so I am interested to try it out.

Finally, I also picked up a new eyeshadow trio from Smashbox. I guess you could say it was my attempt to pull of the smokey eye. I definitely still need some practice, but I loved the white and gray shadow in the trio. Also because I purchased a certain amount of Smashbox they gave me a sample lip gloss and even threw in an extra one. Love these small ones for clutches and overnight trips.

Today I tried out some nail polish that bought a few weeks back. Again it’s not OPI, but I actually love the color once it is on. It’s Sally Hansen in Plum’s the Word. The color is fantastic and I liked it so much that I put it on fingers and toes- I know, right? It’s a great springy purple, but with a bit deeper tone to it than your typical Easter purples. Definitely a winner and will definitely be using this one again.

We leave for Michigan on Thursday to visit Pat’s family. I am looking forward to getting out of town for a few days, although traveling with both dogs will be interesting. Plus, traveling will keep me from shopping so that is probably a good thing. I am already calculating what to pack so maybe I will do a post this week with outfits that I plan to bring. I’m anxious to start posting more photos that are actually from me and my house and my things.

We also went to see Hunger Games with a group of friends. The movie was great and Pat even said that it was pretty good. I blasted through the books within about 10 days and am now regretting it since I want something more to read. I guess you could call that my bookbender (har har har). Recomendations on new books, anyone?

Update: Still no Birchbox email. I seriously have no patience. I stared longingly at the sample section at Ulta and then jealously ran away. Hurry up, Birchbox!