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So this past month was filled with a whole new batch of obsessions. Seriously, OCD much? I’ll do my best to share these with you without acting too crazy.

1. Nikki Phillipi on YouTube is ah-mazing. Seriously, if you haven’t watched her videos go do it now. She is funny and personable and I love all her quirky outtakes. It is really like listening to a friend talk about her loves. Plus, she has pale skin like me so a lot of her make-up tips and likes are things that would actually look good on my skin. Nikki, sorry for stalking you this month.

2. I just discovered Don Draper. Yeah, my husband had been wanting to see what the Mad Men craze was all about so we bought the first season and we are both addicted. We seriously are watching at least an episode a day. I am even seeing Don and Peggy in my dreams- okay, I guess that took the whole obsession thing a step too far. Anyway, go Netflix it if you haven’t seen it. It is seriously so different from other shows and so addicting.

3. Nail polish is so in right now at the Oh Apostrophe house. In fact, my husband said he can smell the nail polish remover when he comes in the house. My nails are still recovering from the acrylic nails I had at my wedding in October so I am keeping them consistenly polished to hide the ugly damage. However, the lavender that I posted about two days ago is still going strong. No chips yet and still smooth as silk. Who would of thought that good old Sally Hansen got it done. Way to go, girlfriend.

4. I always used to think that Kohl’s was hit or miss for me, but lately it’s been all bullseye. I can’t seem to go in there without coming out with something new. I love the Rock & Republic and Lauren Conrad lines and almost always find something in one of those two lines that I end up loving- most of the time it is actually too much.

5. I mentioned this one before, but I adore my Stila shimmer powder. Buy it and illuminate thyself.

6. I shouldn’t admit it and I will probably go to radio purgatory for saying it, but I kinda, sorta, maybe love the free trial of satellite radio in our new car. It’s like radio for ADD people. I seriously switch the station a hundred times and my favorites are the decade stations. Yes, we did get down to “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” the other day and no I am not ashamed (maybe).

Don’t worry I am sure I will have more updates on all of this next month… maybe I will be telling you how much I love my Birchbox…

Update: STILL no Birchbox subscription! I’m beginning to second guess that I even signed myself up. Did I dream it? Maybe Peggy and Don signed me up in my dream. Ugh- I need more sleep.