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Something major happened this weekend. I visited my first ever MAC store. There is not one near my house, but we were traveling to Michigan/Ohio for the Easter holiday and I googled to see if there was one nearby and lo and behold, Toledo has a MAC (how convenient, right?).

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque- love the color!

My poor husband probably thought I was crazy. I was way too excited about a trip to get makeup, but honestly I have been dying to try out Paint Pots. So we arrived and the first girl to come up and help me had hot pink lipstick all over her teeth. I thought about telling her, but then I realized that she might be embarrassed if I pointed it out in front of my tall and strapping husband so I let it go (he told me later that he didn’t even notice that). Anyway, I made a mental note to NOT buy any of their lipsticks this go around, but I DID pick up MAC Paint Pots in Bare Study and Rubenesque. I love the colors and am experimenting with different ways to apply the cream shadow/base. I’ll let you know what I discover once I get some time under my belt. It seems like from some of the tutorials that I have been watching that using a flat, synthetic brush and apply quickly as to not let the cream shadow dry before properly applied is important. Maybe I will do a play-by-play of applying the paint pot this weekend after I give myself a few days to figure it out- don’t count on it though. I am still feeling a little weary of putting my own photos up here. I know it’s weird, but I am camera shy, friends. Aw garsh.

Also this week I picked up some E.L.F. lip gloss at Target. They didn’t have the color that I wanted (Candlelight), but they are only $1.00 so I thought I would try out a different color. I settled on Fairy and it is okay. It does make my lips a little sticky so I am not too crazy about that, but the color adds a nice pop although maybe a little too sparkly for my taste. I also picked up two different colors of the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus and Tiger Lily. Unfortunately I forgot these suckers at home while on the road trip, but I did get to try out Hibiscus before I left and it is everything I heard it would be. Smooth and silky like a chapstick, but with a hint of color. I will be using these much more. I am excited to try out Tiger Lily and see how that one looks.

And finally, I grabbed another Sally Hansen nail polish. This time I went for something a little different for me and picked up a gold, shimmery color called Gilty Pleasure. I really like the color, but think it will look a lot better on my nails once the damage from the acrylics finishes growing out, which should be soon. FINALLY. Note to self: don’t get acrylics again. I always say that and then I always do it again. I just don’t learn.

New items I am eyeing this week:
– I really want to get a highlighting pencil for below my brow line and corners of my eyes. I’m not sure who is the best to try so I am going to do a little research this week.
– A nail polish base and maybe a new top-coat. I have never used a base before, but I am desperate to find something that will help my polish last longer. I am hoping to find an OPI base, but will try anything at this point.
– Stila lip stains have been on my mind for a few weeks. I am hoping to stop by Sephora and find a good one to experiment with.

In other news, we had a great trip to Michigan. I got to play around with my camera, which was great. The dogs were relatively well-behaved and I got some wonderful time with my new niece and nephew as well as my new in-laws. I feel pretty lucky that I enjoy the time with my in-laws as much as I do. Pat was a trooper and drove the majority of the drive except for about three hours when I swear I thought I was going to fall asleep driving. What is wrong with me?! Maybe I just need some vitamins.

Birchbox Update: Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I went back on the website, which is updated and now features a men’s birchbox… interesting. Anyway, it let me enter my email address again so I am wondering if I was even entered in before. Sigh. Hopefully I will get the notification soon. I am dying to sign up. I also started following MyGlam Bag on Facebook so that I can sign up for a subscription for that  once they open up more subscriptions.