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I GOT MY BIRCHBOX EMAIL!!!! I immediately signed on and filled everything out and my first box should be coming in May-so exciting and then kind of a bummer when I realized I still have to wait a month. Whatever- nothing can rain on my paraaaaaaaade. I may have even signed the hubster up on the waiting list for the all new men’s Birchbox (just to be nice- although I am not even sure he wants it). On a related note, MyGlam has not released more subscriptions yet, although I have only been following them on Facebook for like two weeks. We shall see…

So I definitely owe you an update on some of the things I bought last week. First off, I really like the Physician’s Formula mascara. Some people were complaining about the fat brush, but I actually kind of like it and the mascara applies really smoothly for me. I am happy with it for now, but still want to try our L’oreal Voluminous because I have heard so many good things about it.

I also picked up some awesome and inexpensive sunglasses from Retro City Sunglasses online. They were recommended by Rachel Talbott on YouTube and they have a variety of trendy styles, but cheaper than designer brands. I picked up a new pair of aviators and some fabulous cat-eye sunglasses that I am really excited to try out. I’ll post a picture of them when they come in.

So in other news- I am looking forward to the weekend. We are going to pick up some mulch and bricks to do some edging around a big, beautiful tree in our front yard. I’m hoping to pick up some drawers for my vanity (EEK! So excited for it to arrive) and maybe a few other minor things. The baby pup has a vet appointment and my mom returns from China where she was visiting my brother. We are also getting back to our healthy eating habits (which have been on hiatus for months) on Sunday with full on healthy grocery shopping and meal planning for the week. I am determined to make this a productive and HEALTHY summer.

Since I don’t need to update you on my Birchbox status- wahooooo- I thought I would try something different. I’ll start including the product(s) that I am most drooling after.

WISH LIST: Stila lip stain in yumberry crush and the NAKED palettes from Urban Decay. Start keeping track people.