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Exciting news! All of the pictures on today’s blog were taken by me of my own things. See!!!! I am getting better at this whole blogging thing. Super shout-out to my beautiful, hysterical and supportive friend, Shannon, who I told about my blog and made me feel so amazing about it. You are awesome, soon-to-be S.S.! Check out her blog!

I have been a busy girl the past few days. I have been trying to get some good deals and I have taught myself how to use eBay (Welcome to the 21st Century, self). Why was I never doing this before? You can get amazing deals and still try out new products or new styles of clothes and jewelry. I set myself an amount that I will try to stay under with all bids (unless it’s something really amazing that I can get for a great deal) and then I allowed myself to start bidding. I still have days to go on everything so we will see if I win anything, but it is really fun to window shop this way.

Yesterday we stopped at Target after dinner and I had some specific things in mind that I needed to get. I picked up a glass vase to use for my makeup brushes. I still need to go to the craft store and see if I can find some good filler pebbles for it. I am really excited about getting this all ready to go before my vanity arrives this week. Everything will be a work in progress, but that’s the fun of it, right?

I also picked up a couple of new brushes from E.L.F., including the concealer brush and the angled eye brush. I LOVE the angled eye brush which I used this morning and it really helped me in the crease of my eye- dare I say it’s the best my eye makeup has looked yet? I should have taken a photo after application, but we were in a hurry to get to the vet. Anyway I love this brush and already want to go try another new one out. Best thing about both of these brushes? They were $1.00 a piece. You can’t beat that.

I also found this lovely Springy scarf at Target that I think will add a nice pop of color to an otherwise colorless or blank outfit. Something about the combination of that shade of pink with the blues and tans just feels old-fashioned a little bit. Anyway, I think it was adorable with some pink lips and big sunglasses.

In terms of jewelry I found this fabulous bracelet in the clearance section- I think it was less than $6 so not too bad. It fits me perfect and is not too heavy. Sometimes if bracelets are too heavy or too tight I can’t handle it.

I purchased some Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. I don’t really know where to go with makeup remover. I have some Mary Kay eye makeup remover that is great, but I don’t like putting that all over my face. The wipe worked well this morning although the little box that it came in was weird and won’t shut all the way. I had to stick a hair-tie around it to try and seal the packaging. Kinda crummy, Neutrogena!

Just to fill you in- I used the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner twice this week and even this morning when I didn’t use it my hair is still so soft and light. A lot of product tends to weigh down my hair, but this definitely does not. I seriously love it. My hair feels silky and so healthy. This is easy because it is so cheap that there is no reason not to use it. Love, love, love it.

Finally, I was going through an old bathroom item bag from before we moved and found a couple of gems in there. I found a MaryKay lipstick that is brand new. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it was cool to find it. Also, I found this Badger Sleep Balm. Not only are all of the ingredients natural things like beeswax and oils, but it does seem to calm me. Maybe it’s the aromatherapy or maybe just the placebo affect, but it seems to slow my brain down a bit. It smells amazing too. I have been using it every night and have no plans to quit. I think it was a gift a while ago so I am not sure of the cost, but would be a good addition for anyone with an active brain at bedtime.

I am enjoying a relaxing weekend. We took the pup to the vet this morning which went well. My fabulous husband has been power washing the house all morning- he seriously is a super hero. I cleaned all the crap out of my car (which sounds like no big deal, but it was pretty bad- I found stuff from my wedding in there and that was over 5 months ago- so embarrassing). I think our evening plans involve going to vaccuum out our cars and maybe some shopping around and dinner on the town. A good, quiet evening.

Product I am drooling over: The NAKED and NAKED2 palettes from Urban Decay- want, want, want. This seems like one of the most popular palettes and I have seriously been lusting after them. If only they were not so ding, dang expensive…