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I publicized this little blog on my Facebook page and VOILA I have readers. Well hello my lovelies! The fact that you are reading this little account of my beauty thoughts made my day today. What do you want to hear more about? Videos? Photos? Let me know!

On that note, let me start with a review of a few of my ELF products that arrived in the mail this weekend (yes, I did do a happy dance when I opened the mailbox). I haven’t been able to use them all yet, but I’ll tell you a little about the ones that I did use. I was interested to try to the ELF mascara primer because I had never used a mascara primer and this one was inexpensive. I actually do like it. I noticed almost immediately that it made my lashes a big curlier and my mascara stayed looking fresh and in place all day. I definitely would recommend this to anyone. I am sure there are higher end brands that may work even better, but this worked great for me.

I also used some of ELF’s cream eyeshadow in bronzed. I can’t decide how I feel about this. It looked good, but it did take a bit of work to get it the way I wanted it. It definitely wasn’t as creamy and pliable as my MAC paint pots, but it still gave a nice color once I got it how I wanted it.

I also tried out the ELF super glossy lipgloss in candlelight. I loved this color. It was another product that was recommended by Nikki Phillippi and I actually do love the rose gold color next to my skin-tone. This was only a $1 too so it was definitely MORE than worth it.

Finally, I tried out the ELF makeup mist and set, which was designed to set your makeup in place for the day. I do think this made a difference for me. It wasn’t a HUGE difference, but I noticed that my blush and shimmer stayed in place much longer today. It also finished off my application nicely. It really did feel as if it was physically setting the makeup.

Like I said before, ELF is extremely inexpensive and for the cost it is not a bad product. It wouldn’t completely give you the feel of the higher end brands, but if you are looking to try out different things on a budget I would definitely recommend it. I will probably place another order with them at some point- much to my husband’s frustration (he actually asked me why there is so much makeup this weekend… I have no answer).

I also got in my super fly sunglasses from Retro City Sunglasses. I love, love, love my cat-eye glasses (which you can see in the photo). They are fabulous and vintage (just like me, right?). I also ordered some black aviators. I need to work with these a little to get them to sit right, but I paid $6 for them so I can’t complain. As trends change I could definitely see myself ordering from here again. I did ask my pup if she liked my cat-eye glasses and she just stared at me (thankfully they don’t make dog-eye sunglasses).

In addition to these products I have been surfing the net a lot (hang ten!). I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sites for good deals and makeup tips and trends.

Hautelook.com- This site is seriously cool. Every day they release new deals at 11 a.m. EST and they are usually discounted prices on designer clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. I picked up some great finds from Stila last week and am excited to get them in. I paid about half of what the cost would be at Sephora so definitely check it out. Some of the clothes and bags are super expensive still, but its kind of fun to look and dream.

YouTube.com- You already know I love YouTube, but I just thought I would mention again. Follow Nikki Phillipi and Rachel Talbott (CheckintheMirror) and learn. They are fabulous fashionistas who still find good deals and will try anything new out. I love their reviews and suggestions.

Facebook.com- I follow most of my favorite brands as well as Birchbox and MyGlam and love their updates on Facebook. Just today I saw a hair tutorial that Birchbox posted on their blog and linked on Facebook and I think I am going to try it out tomorrow. The Birchbox blog is fantastic and has great tips and ideas for anyone from a beauty newbie to a makeup artist.

eBay.com- I talked about this in my last post if you want to see why I love it.

Sephora.com- Their website is so fabulous and complete. You can find almost any kind of designer makeup or review here. It’s a great way to price shop before you get into the actual store and are tempted to make impluse buys. You can also create wish lists which I love for keeping track of all the great products I hear about.

Current obsession: I really want a waver to define my wavy hair. I have also been desperately looking for coconut oil for my hair. Where the heck can you find this?