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I know. It is a scandalous title, but I had to catch your attention. You see, the holy grail of makeup is now in my hot little hands. I actually made the investment to buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Since purchasing it I have taken it in and out of the packaging and admired the colors and made my husband look at it to see if he could see the beauty (I think he is pretty sure I have lost my mind). It really is a beautiful palette and I am beyond excited to start playing with it tomorrow. It also came with a sample size of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which I already have a full size, but the little one will definitely still get used. AND because I spent over $25 in Urban Decay products I got a free two piece sample of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin, which is a gorgeous bronze tinted primer that I have heard you can wear all by itself. The other part of my gift was the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray. I am interested to compare this to the ELF brand that I picked up for super cheap. I’ll let you know how they compare.

I also picked up an Ulta Eye Liner Brush. I have been an eye shadow pencil girl for a long time, but I am open to start trying some liquid or gel eyeliners and needed a brush to start. More on that to come soon too. I am loving all of my brushes, but there was a brush that came with the NAKED Palette that is by far the softest brush yet. Something tells me this will be my new favorite.

I am hoping to do a vanity photo shoot tomorrow to give you a tour of my different makeup and my new set-up. I’m anxious about the possibility of making videos to put on here. Would you watch or would I just be embarrassing myself? I’ve already told the hubster that if I start doing them we are SO doing a “Husband Does My Makeup” video. He was thrilled- as you can imagine.

In other news I might as well announce it here. I am starting graduate school this summer for education. I am super excited to be back in class and in a learning atmosphere. I scheduled my classes today and I must say it was just the motivating thing that I needed- especially after the week I had at work (I have had so much anxiety this week that I actually chewed my bottom lip to pieces… not good). In 2007 I never thought I would be excited to be going back to school, but here I am daydreaming about being in class. Who’da thunk it?

One quick shout-out to some of my favorite blog readers: Heather, Shannon, Ally and Penny! Thanks for reading girls. Let me know what you want to read more about.

Product I am lusting over: A lip scrub and moisturizer. I need a good recommendation. My lips are hurting after a stressful week of nervously chewing at them.