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Not the SpongeBob kind. I am partial to Finding Nemo bandaids. No really, I am officially in love with bandaids as a beauty tool. I read this great styling tip about using the round circle bandaids to create different looks on your nails. I have always been a one color kind of girl when it comes to my nails (can you say Plain Jane), but seeing how easy this was has opened me up to all kinds of new ideas. So I got together with my fabulous and gorgeous friend, Holly, and we did a little experiment. We traded different nail colors and came up with unique combinations.

We both started with a base coat of Orly’s Bonder. I paired Our Fuscia’s Lookin’ Bright by Nicole by O.P.I. and then used Pat is on Black from Sally Hansen for the top half of my nail and a fabulous Lady Gaga glitter coat on top of that. You can see the coats below. Do you like it better with the glitter coat or without? Also, the bandaids worked like a charm. I was so worried they would pull off the polish, but as long as you let your first coat completely dry they work great. Just paint over them and all the way to the edges and let the second coat dry and slowly peel them off. You are left with a perfect and precise line. Voila! Easy, inexpensive and so fun!

For Holly’s nails she chose a deep red (almost Redskin red I might say) and covered that with Sally Hansen’s crackle coat. I have tried the crackle coat before and was kind of disappointed. It didn’t work much better for Holly. There are definitely nails that showed the effect better than others, but overall the results were underwhelming. We did discover that the more of the clear top coat you added the better the results were. Have you used a crackle coat before? Did it work for you? What is the trick? Holly also topped off her nails by using the bandaids to create a thin french tip in Pat in on Black from Sally Hansen.

Overall review? While the bandaids do take more time they are so worth it for a different look. Be sure to let the polish dry before putting them on or they will peel the paint off.

In other news, my Birchbox is arriving tomorrow!!! I got an email that I am recieving the April box after all and I couldn’t be more excited. I will do a video review to show off what I got and tell you my thoughts. Look for that this week.

I also recently tried out some Revlon colorbust lip butter lipsticks and I actually really loved them. They are inexpensive and can be found at any drugstore and they really are a mix between a lipstick and lip balm- very creamy, but lots of color. I will do a full review of these once I get to wear them more and show you some swatches of the colors I chose.

Product I am lusting after: I am really doing some internet research on night creams and eye cream. Any recommendations? There are so many highly recommended ones that I don’t know where to start.