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Seriously, how is April over? We can definitely count on there being no May flowers seeing as how, with the exception of this weekend, there have been no April showers. Regardless, April has been a really exciting month for me in lots of ways. I am getting ready to start graduate school in May. We visited Michigan and my in-laws. Most of all, I finally got up the nerve to go public with this little blog. Can I tell you- it has been a blast.

Besides this blog and the warm weather, here were my favorite things in April.

1. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Lipstick- I heard so much about these online that I had to try them and you know what- I love them. I have never been a big lipstick girl, but these are so different than your regular lipstick. They are really creamy and apply so much more easily than your traditional lipstick. There is a wide array of colors and I have already found three that I really like. Most importantly, these do not dry out your lips. Amazing. The colors I picked up are (from left to right) Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait and Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is by far my favorite. If you have a line skin tone like me this lip butter gives you a gorgeous cream-colored sheen on your lips. It has hardly any shimmer and seriously changes the way my entire face of makeup looks. My lips have been recovering from drying out so I haven’t been wearing these as much as I like, but I am hoping to bring them back this week.

2. Spin Contemporary Ceramics Salt and Pepper Shaker- I know these aren’t exactly beauty related, but I am in love anyway. My mom recently brought these back to me straight from China where she was visiting my brother. They are so unique and modern- really just different. One of the best things about my mom is that she puts so much time into picking out something that she thinks I will really like and boy did she nail this one. I am so excited to use these for a dinner party or a holiday dinner (whenever I get brave enough to host one- eek!). Anyway, I love love love these and they have been one of my favorite things this month.

3. BIRCHBOX!- You know I couldn’t make this list without mentioning the excitement of the day. I finally recieved my first Birchbox today! I bet you are dying to know what the contents are, BUT you are just going to have to wait. I am planning to do a video on the April Birchbox this week so look for it there. However, there were some GREAT goodies in my box. It’s safe to say that I will use everything in there and was really excited about 4 of my 5 items. Not bad at all. It was a good mix of beauty, skincare, fragrance and, well a weird item, but more on that later.

4. Elle Tote- I actually got this for free with a purchase of Elle beauty products at Kohl’s and I am so excited about it. It has a great vintage feel to it, but also still looks flashy, feminine and fabulous (is that enough F’s for you?). I have already made a mental note that I am using this for school this summer and it is just one more reason to be excited for class. Seriously though, this bag reminds me of what beauty is all about- being natural. These women on the bag were the first cover girls and most of them were not a size two and did not need to use mascara primer or tightening creams. These women are fabulous and everytime I use the bag it will be a reminder that I am fabulous too.

5. Hairline braids- I am all about the “Katniss” braid this month. I finally got down my side french braid fairly well and have been rocking this, especially on days where I give my hair a break from washing. I have gotten so many compliments on these and think they look youthful without appearing as if you are trying to be a teenager. I love this with a headband like you see in my photo or just tucked and pinned back behind your hair. I will definitely be wearing these braids all summer and am looking forward to trying new ideas with them. Any suggestions of new ways to wear braids?

6. NAKED Palette- Once again I can’t mention April and not bring up my purchase of the month. I am in love with this palette. The color Sin is amazing and looks good with every other color in the palette (Urban Decay really needs to turn Sin into a single eyeshadow). I would recommend this palette to anyone and I can’t wait to play with the colors some more as the months change. If you don’t already have this go and buy it now. So worth it.

7. Smash- I recently started watching Smash on our On Demand selection. I am already addicted to this show. Not only am I sucker for a good song-and-dance number (come on, aren’t we all), but I love seeing the styling on the show. Katherine McPhee always looks gorgeous in her natural state and rocks some simple, but fantastic outfits. Debra Messing, as usual, never disappoints and the show has some great storylines. This is definitely my favorite show for April (don’t worry- I am still addicted to Mad Men too).

Once again if you have suggestions for videos or posts leave a comment below and I will add it to my list. Thanks for reading- you guys seriously make my day.