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We both kind of liked it. Actually it is my all-time favorite movie ever. I have been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan for many years. Not only is she the epitome of grace, but she is beautiful, endearing and driven by a greater purpose. However, since this is a beauty/style blog I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things that I learned style-wise from Audrey.

1. Grace (like the princess)- The best thing you can do to enhance your beauty is to carry yourself gracefully. Be kind to others and strive to be the type of person you would like to be friends with. This makes you exponentially more beautiful. Sounds simple, but it is not always the case.

2. The Power of Mascara- Has anyone succeeded in wearing mascara like Audrey before or since her? I doubt it. She made false lashes normal and many of us women spend countless hours trying to make our eyes as large and innocent as Audrey’s were. Her makeup is timeless and is a look that has been recreated on models today- some who might not even be aware of it.

3. Thicker Brows Can be Beautiful- Audrey was never afraid of her brows. She had thick dark eyebrows and it is hard to imagine her without them. Yet, these did not overpower her face. As a teen I struggled with feeling like I had two caterpillars on my forehead, but Audrey made it okay to not over-tweeze.

4. Fair is Beautiful- Look at that skin. No, seriously, look at it. Perfection- and this was before the days of heavy re-touching. I have always had very fair skin and oftened wished that I could tan or look sun-kissed. However, when you see a photo like this you know that there is something special about being fair. I seriously could stare at this photo and the makeup for hours. She pulls off dramatic eyes and distinct lips with fair skin and makes me a believer that fair really is beautiful. I learned that I am fair, not pale or pasty.

5. Tiffany’s Never Goes Out of Style- It’s so true. There is just something about that baby blue bow and white ribbon. I feel like I am eating my pastry and drinking coffee as I gaze through the window right now. Its poetic really. Anyway, in the spirit of Audrey I had a manicure today and went all Tiffany’s in my color choice. Thoughts? I think I love it. I wish I had checked out the color name, but it is an Orly polish. Something about the little bit of sparkle on the ring finger, makes an otherwise plain color sort of glamourous. On a side note, is this a minty green or baby blue? My eyes are playing tricks on me and I can’t decide which.

Product that I am lusting after: BB cream. Although I haven’t figured out the brand or shade yet. I think a trip to Ulta or Sephora might be in order. I definitely want to try some swatches out before buying. However, the internet beauty world is buzzing about BB cream. Anyone use this yet and have recommendations about brands?