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I am the first to admit that I get total girl crushes. I appreciate female beauty and love to admire the style of my friends, celebrities and co-workers. I find myself drawn to certain females and their style- the way they carry themselves. I thought I would do a post on my favorite girl crushes and I am going to focus mainly on makeup and hair.

1. Zooey Deschanel

I will admit that I love her personality and ecentric sense of style, but her makeup is always so different an unique. She plays up her amazing eyes with dark liner and lashes that contrasts perfectly with her porcelain skin tone. She has made bangs cool again as well. I actually haven’t even considered getting bangs until my fascination with “The New Girl” started. She is vintage and unique, but not in a weird way. Her skintone, like Audrey Hepburn, makes me proud to be fair skinned. I can’t say enough about my girl Zooey- she is simply amazing.

2. Olivia Wilde

While Olivia and I have very different skin tones she always has amazing eye makeup and I can’t stop checking out photos of her for that reason. She has perfected the naural cat eye and I have been practicing this trying to recreate it myself. In fact, Pixiwoo on YouTube just posted an amazing tutorial on this look so if you are interested go watch it on repeat like me. She also does a great job of contouring. Holy, cheekbones, am I right? I could take a lesson or two on contouring from the actress. Also, I love her careless hair style that looks so natural and perfectly wavy. I would pay money to learn how to effectively make my hair look like this. Someone post a tutorial!


If you missed my post on the most beautiful actress of all-time CLICK HERE to read all about why I am in awe of this classic beauty. She deserved her own post completely because in my eyes there was no way to compare her to any actresses of today. She is absolutely in a class of her own- can you tell I am kind of obsessed with her?

4. Jennifer Lawrence

I did read the Hunger Games books and was obsessed, but that is not why I love Katniss- uh, I mean Jennifer Lawrence. She pulls off the defined eye and nude/pale pink lip incredibly well. I love her smokey brown eyeshadow that she wears often. She looks natural while still wearing a substantial amount of makeup. On top of that look how her gorgoeus skin glows. While, I am definitely not a blonde I loved her hair styling in the Hunger Games movie. She started my braid fascination this Spring. I kind of love her and may or may not be counting down the days to the next movie.

Who is your style icon? Why do they inspire your hair and makeup design? Would you be interested in seeing celebrity look tutorials? I have been playing around with makeup a lot lately trying to copy these looks so I might be willing to share.