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My husband’s work schedule recently changed (much to our chagrin) and he is working nights for the summer. This means that Monday-Friday we see each other for about one minute- I find myself with more alone time than I would like. In the meantime, I have been trying to find activities and hobbies to fill my time. Starting next week I will have grad school classes two nights a week. I have been trying to take my dogs for a walk while the weather is still nice. Besides all of those things this blog has been a wonderful distraction. I find myself thinking about what I will post about all day and I am so excited to hit publish and see what you guys think.

In fact, this 30 day makeup challenge has been fun because it has been giving me some extra topic ideas. For today’s topic I was supposed to feature a photo of myself with my single favorite eye shadow. This was a lot harder than I thought. See, I rarely just wear a single color, after all- one really is the loneliest number. I love the creative side of blending and toning the shadows. However, I do have one very favorite color that I use about five times a week.

Day 4: A picture of you with your favorite single eye shadow

So, here is my photo. All I am wearing here is MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (as my primer) and Urban Decay’s Sin. I use Sin with so many other color combinations- particularly all of its sister shadows in the NAKED Palette. I also have Sin in a stick version from Urban Decay’s 24 Hour Eyeshadow in the travel set. It is more intense from the stick, which is good for certain looks.

However, since I can’t just do one color of shadow and be satisfied I added Darkhorse from the NAKED Palette in the crease and Virgin on the browbone and inner corner as a higlight. I also dabbed a little bit of my Urban Decay Cream Highlighter in Moonshine on the browbone and inner corner just to give it that dewey look. Also, you might see something different in this final look. I used false lashes for the first time (Napoleon Perdis lashes) and I actually kind of love it for a dramatic look. These are not full lashes, but little sprigs of 3-4 lashes. I used three sprigs on each eye in the outer corner to give my eyes a bit more drama. I painted on my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on the top of my eye and Smashbox Eyeliner on the waterline of my lower eye. So, my Sin eye shadow is playing a small part in my overall look, but the champagne color adds such a great glow to an otherwise neutral everyday look.

Great find of the week: I picked up some new Revlon Lip Butter from CVS on a recent trip there and I think I have found my new favorite shade. I adore Creamsicle. It is a nudey pink, kind of like Creme Brulee, but with a tinge of pink. I have been wearing it religiously and am kind of in love.