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I have lost a little bit of weight recently so I was excited to go try on some clothes and see if I had lot a size yet. The one thing that is just as frustrating as gaining a size is being in between sizes. Nothing fits, no matter how hard you try. You can find endlessly cute clothes and nothing will work. We made a trip to Old Navy this morning because I loved some of their summer styles. They have been incorporating a lot of neons and pastels in really cute patterns. I just wish some of it would have fit me. My favorites finds were a mint green and neon pink pair of skinny jeans- unfortunately neither fit me, but go check them out if you are looking for a great pair of skinny jeans.

We then headed over to Kohl’s and I picked up some white bermuda shorts. I also grabbed a couple of shirts that are perfect for summer. Rock & Republic had a new version on the great A-line tank that I found earlier in the Spring. I couldn’t find a good image for it so click here if you want to see the tank. I also picked up an orange tank mock-layer tank in orange and white (perfect with the white bermuda shorts) and a grey Jennifer Lopez tank that was on sale. Kohl’s was also having a 15 percent off sale so I saved some extra money on top of it.

In other news, the weather has now turned to Summer here. It was so hot and sticky out today that I regretting my choice of wearing jeans. In fact, I had to change into some lightweight capris before taking the pups for a walk. As the seasons change, do you gradually change your wardrobe out or do you make a sharp change and switch out your clothes?

Happy Memorial Day! While you are at your cookouts and barbeques recognize those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Remember there is more to the day than just cooking out and a day off work.