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Today, in the U.S., is a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and families. On this day I always spend some time thinking about my grandpa. He was veteran of three wars and also helped to raise 12 children and was a grandfather to over 40 grandchildren. To me, he was always the kind and gentle grandfather who would play with me and talk to me on the phone. When I cried because my mom wouldn’t let me play with her coupons he would send me an envelope in the mail full of coupons to play with. He would always let me “do his hair” and when he was sick in the hospital and could no longer speak he still found ways to play with me. I didn’t know the soldier side of my grandfather, but I knew the human side. I am grateful for the sacrifices that he made for me and my cousins and I always take time to remember him on this day.

On the flip side, this day reminds me to celebrate my amazing husband. He is an Army veteran as well (my PaPa would have loved that) and was deployed to Iraq. I am grateful that he is home safe and feel that this day is a day to be thankful. I am so very thankful that he is here to be celebrated on Veteran’s Day and not on Memorial Day.

Thanks for allowing me the space to be a little sappy here 🙂 Somedays are just THAT important.

Day 7: Your favorite nail polish

This is both an easy and hard challenge so I thought I would do a recap of some of my favorite colors this summer. First off I am loving Essie’s Set in Stone Luxe Polish. It’s like a disco ball for your finger nails. I love this over a bright neon color or over a pastel to give your understated nails a little sparkle. The cool thing about this polish is that it has tiny little drops of glitter mixed with larger sparkle circles so it gives the polish a bit more depth. I believe they have this polish in other colors like pink and gold. I picked mine up at CVS and am loving it.

Another of my favorites is Orly in Passion Fruit. It’s this great pinky coral color that gives off the feeling of being neon wwithout being nearly dayglo. I love the combination of Essie’s Set in Stones with this color. It’s bright and fun for the summer and gets LOTS of compliments.