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May I? Har har har- I’m hilarious. No seriously, I MAY be sharing my favorites with you. This month was seriously busy. Not only was it a busy work month for me, but I started grad school and went on a last-minute trip to New Hampshire to visit the hubby’s family. However, being busy means I needed products that worked for me this month so below I listed some of my favorites. I also love to include some other random favorites just because. What were your favorites this month? Based off of my faves what products do you think I should be trying this summer?

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow– I seriously love the color payoff in these. They weren’t cheap, but they are still drugstore and I got these on a BOGO half off sale at CVS. #10 Fierce & Tangy is the orange color and I used this in my three color eyeshadow challenge. This stays and stays and stays and oh yeah… it stays. The consistency is a little bit tacky- it’s not nearly as smooth to the touch as creme eyeshadows, but like I said it definitely has staying power. The maroon color is #30 Pomegranate Pink. The other thing I love about these is that it doesn’t take much at all to get color. I literally just touch my finger in it once and the color is great. I’m really excited to pick up more colors in these. They have some fantastic and bright colors.

2. L’oreal Voluminous– This is an oldie for many people, but I just discovered it this month and it definitely lived up to the hype. It is easy to apply, does not clump much and oh so very black. I picked up the Carbon Black version and love it. The one thing I would say is to make sure that you have taken off every ounce of your mascara from the day before or your lashes will stick together, creating the look of less lashes. However, love this and would recommend it to anyone.

3. The Client List– Oh Shannon, you have me hooked. My fabulous friend Shannon recommended this television show to me and while it might not be “high-quality” television I am kind of sucked in. I have always loved Jennifer Love Hewitt and her natural beauty- yes, even way back on Party of Five (swoon!). Anyway the show is a little cheesy, but I kind of love it. Best part? It’s On Demand on the catch up feature so I don’t even have to DVR it. I can just watch it whenever I get the time. Lovely, isn’t it? Can we just talk for a minute about how beautiful JLH is? How does that happen? No, really… how? 

4. Thirty One Canvas Cargo Purse– This may not be a designer bag, but it is the very first thing that I own with my new initials on it. I picked this out in Lotsa Dots because I liked the neutral color and that it felt cozy and relaxed. I’m been using this almost all month because I love it so much. It has five pockets inside which are great for all kinds of makeup and then it has to outside pockets- one that fits my iPhone perfectly and the other is the perfect size for 3 or 4 lip products. For girls on the go this is great for snacks and goodies- maybe would even be a good pool bag for moms on the go.

5. Orly Polish in Gumdrop– How fabulous is this color? This is the same color that I used for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s nails so I was on the hunt to find it outside of the nail salon. I picked this up at CVS as well and really love it. The color is so summery without feeling overbearing and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It’s great paired with a glitter or a little while detail- simple, but still classy and work appropriate (unlike the nails I am sporting now- more on that tomorrow).

6. Befine Night Cream– This is my biggest favorite of the month- HOLY BABY’S BUTT SMOOTHNESS! This stuff is amazing. I really needed a night cream and had heard some good things about this and they were right on. The formula is thin and totally non-greasy. I have dry skin and when I wake up in the morning my face is smooth and flawless. It was not outrageously expensive, although it was more than some drugstore moisturizers. However, you can use the tiniest pump beause it goes a LONG way. Here is the bottle description: “Befine food skin care- Night cream with Cocoa, Millet and Rice Bran- Rice Bran proteins and vitamins increase the skin’s elasticity and support collagen growth. As you sleep, Cocoa’s caffeine increases circulation for a fresh, rosy complexion.” Seriously, guys- buy this. Now. (Yes, I am bossy. Now go buy this!)

7. Cape Cod Bracelet– This is not something new this month, but this is something that is really special to me. At my bridal shower, my mother-in-law gave me this bracelet to match the rest of the women in the family. Not only is it classy and beautiful, but it has a meaning attached to it. For me it felt like I was part of the family (Thanks Mary Lou!). At my wedding we took a photo of all of the women in the family wearing our bracelets and it just was really cool- I was one of them!! My husband’s family has been really good to me and I am eternally grateful. Anyway, I’ve been staring at my bracelet a lot this month and remembering how special it is.