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Sometimes you start out on a project with the best of intentions and no matter what you do it just doesn’t work out for you. That happened to me this week. I paid the price for trying to be cheap and rushing. I had seen some great photos online and on pinterest showing a unique and cool manicure idea. I painted all of my fingers except for my ring fingers in Essie’s Eternal Optimist. I then painted my ring fingers in Sally Hansen’s Pat it on Black. After giving them ample time to dry I pulled out a box of toothpicks from the cupboard and dotted my Essie nails with the Sally Hansen color and vice versa.

Well it didn’t go quite as planned. The toothpick would either have too much polish or not enough. The dots were too big on some nails and seeped into each other just making it look like blobs instead of dots. Other nails I had to dot the same spot numerous times to get any polish on the nails. It was not pretty and definitely a disaster.

Seeing as it was already close to my bedtime I tried to rush the drying of my haphazard dots. Again- bad idea. When I applied my clear top coat the thicker dots smeared upwards. At this point it was too late to take this off and try and fix it so I just went to bed and had crazy nails for about 48 hours until I had time to redo them. I actually got a number of compliments from people on them (which seriously shocked me) and almost everyone asked if I did them myself (uh yeah- that’s why they look hysterical).

Lessons learned:
1. Buy a dotting tool.
2. Quit rushing and be patient.
3. Sometimes one person’s trash ( funky messed-up nails) are another person’s treasure (nail inspiration).
4. Practice most definitely makes perfect.

So last night I re-did these beauts with Orly Passion Fruit and Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure to create this summery differing design. I used my circle band-aids to create even curves and I think the effect is pretty cool. It definitely feels summery to me.

So tell me what you think. Did my first design really fail? Which do you like better?