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20120605-232025.jpgLife has been too busy for a night at the ballet (plus, I am pretty sure I would fall asleep from lack of slumber and dance ignorance). So, I decided to bring the ballet home! I picked up Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail polish and my first ever bottle of Seche Vite top coat (I’m so behind the curve).

I love Essie’s Ballet Slippers- it’s this sweet, baby pink color that just makes my fingers feel innocent (aw garsh!). I topped my ring fingers with Essie’s Set 20120605-232123.jpgin Stones to add a little bling and make sure my fingers weren’t too sweet and demure.

Finally, I picked up Seche Vite top coat and am in love. The manicure seriously dried so fast and I experienced no stickiness on my nails at all. I’m in love (swoon!). Dare I say that this top coat has changed manicures for me foreve?. If you haven’t tried it out yet and you are in the market for a new top coat try this one. I picked mine up from CVS and it was more expensive than other top coats, but not by much. Plus, the bottle is a good size so I think you will get your money’s worth AND if you combine it with your CVS 20 percent off reward than you are totally scoring a deal.

Well, back to the books. Repeat after me- I can survive grad school, I can survive grad school.