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“Don’t give me any ‘tude. I have enough of my own.”

When I was small, my sassy attitude often came up in our house- so much so that I bought my mom a shirt for Mother’s Day with the above phrase on it. It became a bit of an inside joke over the years and now that I think about it- I’m not sure what happened to that shirt. Note to self: go through my mom’s drawers and leave it out so she just stumbles upon it.

20120606-233004.jpgThe good news is that I have enough ‘Tude that I don’t need to have an attitude anymore. I picked up my first products from The Balm. Hautelook had their products on sale about a month ago and you could get their Nude ‘Tude palette (sort of similar to the NAKED palette, but with some very different colors) on sale for $25, which is half the price I paid for the NAKED palette from Urban Decay. However, it still features a bunch of neutral colors. It does have more matte colors than the NAKED palette does. I suppose it just comes down to personal preference, depending on whether you go for 20120606-232935.jpgmatte colors or shimmery colors.

I also grabbed some Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer from The Balm as well. I have applied this lightly and really like the affect. It’s not quite as strong as my E.L.F. Cool Bronzer, which is good for my pale skin. I love the color of this bronzer. It’s applies very smoothly and looks so natural.

Can we just talk for a second about how stinking cute the packaging is on The Balm products? Holy 20120606-232952.jpgToledo! It is seriously adorable and so unique. I love the size of the bronzer too. It is much smaller than my E.L.F bronzer which is great for throwing this in my bag in case I need a little update of color throughout the day. These will definitely be staples in the coming weeks.

If you are not familiar with Hautelook it is a website that updates daily with new deals at 11 a.m. EST. I get an email from them everyday and always check out the deals to see if there is anything that sparks my interest. I usually see a great deal or find something I love maybe twice a month. Definitely check it out! Feel free to use my reference link to sign up and start saving.