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When I like something, I really like it. I am not one of those grey area people. I either love it or I hate it. The same goes for my makeup tools, especially my brushes. I love everything about makeup brushes. I love trying new ones out and discovering a “holy grail” brush. I will start with a disclaimer and admit that I own no MAC brushes. I just haven’t felt right about shelling out the cash for these when I have some that work perfectly fine.

So I thought I would share my brush collection with you and complete the next challenge on my 30 day makeup challenge list…

20120610-193343.jpgDay 9: The newest makeup/tool that you bought

So the latest brushes to join my collection are two Real Techniques brushes- a foundation bruch and powder brush. I love, love, love them both. I have been using my fingers for as long as I can remember to apply foundation and recently decided to start using a foundation brush so that I don’t over-apply with my fingers. I totally love this one from Samantha Chapman’s brush brand Real Techniques (she is Pixiwoo on YouTube if you want to see more from her). The powder brush is one of the softest brushes I have ever had the joy to brush on my face. I found myself just brushing it randomly on my face the other day just because it felt nice- I know, I’m weird.

20120610-193415.jpgThe next set in my collection is this breast cancer awareness set that I picked up from Crown Brush when they were on sale on Hautelook a while back. I use the angled blush brush every single day and a couple of the eye brushes have become regulars in my makeup routine. I love the concealer brush which is about smack dab in the middle (I use this more for my eyes actually and find it does a great job). I also use the eyeliner brush pretty often. I trade my eyeliner brushes out pretty often because they get the dirtiest, the fastest. The crown brush eyeliner brush is the one all the way on the left in the picture. Please excuse the fact that a number of my brushes are kind of dirty (Tuesday will be brush scrubbing night). Anyway, these brushes came in this great plastic case that is easy for traveling and storage at home. I think I paid $20 or $25 for the whole set including the case so not a bad buy at all. Definitely would recommend these.

The next grouping of brushes are my E.L.F. brushes. I have bought these at different times and have a few that I love and some that I have barely used. Starting at the top is my all-time favorite- this is my E.L.F. Defining Eye Brush. It does a fantastic job in creases and all-over with eyeshadow. I use this almost every day. It is not necessarily high quality, but it works great for me. Below that is an E.L.F. foundation brush that I am not a huge fan of. Then I have an eyebrow brush and a small smudge brush that I use occasionally. Below that is another of my eyeliner brushes that I also switch out with the others. Then I have my stipple brush that I use a couple times a week for bronzer. After those is a contour brush and smudge brush that I rarely use and finally my only Kabuki brush which I love for traveling or throwing in my makeup bag for late in the day touch-ups.

20120610-193437.jpgThese are my random brushes that I have gotten from random places. The first two on the left are MyGlam brushes that I got in my May MyGlam Bag. I have used the eyeliner one, but not the eyeshadow brush. Next to those two is a Smashbox eyeliner brush that I rarely use because of it’s thin, long shape. And ALLLLL the way on the right is my Elle fluffy brush that is PERFECT for blending. This was not too expensive and I seriously use it all the time. I would totally recommend this one. This is part of the new Elle line at Kohl’s.


And if you have stuck with me this long then I am sorry. But really these are my Sephora brushes and an Ulta eyeliner brush (can you tell I LOVE eyeliner brushes?). I use the angled blush brush a lot from this set and the large eyeshadow brush in the center for blending my crease and my lid together. I have gotten a lot of use out of these brushes, especially since they were my first set of brushes. I would recommend the Sephora brushes to anyone. I got these on sale so they were a great buy for me, but Sephora brushes can be a bit pricey otherwise.

So there ya go! My FULL set of brushes. Typing this up has made me realize that I have WAYYYY too many brushes. I think it might just be a disease.