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20120615-124948.jpg… went to the CVS market. AND tried something new. I picked up some Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in a houndstooth pattern that they call Puppytooth (how cute). The company is now making some that are specifically for your toes which is super easy. Now this did take me a hot second to do, but I tried to get my toe nails filed down perfectly and all that. However, the after effect is so cute. I would definitely do this again sometime- probably not regularly, but I think it is a fun thing to do on a girl’s night or something. Supposedly they should last 10 days and you take it off with nail polish remover because it is actually nail polish in the sticker. I’ll let you know how lost they last before peeling.

20120615-125010.jpgWhile there, I also picked up Essie’s A Cut Above which is a lot like Essie’s Set in Stones, but with pink glitter. I wanted to try a simple nail where I left the majority of the nail bare and just applied glitter on the tops and I have to say… I LOVE THIS. I think it looks sophisticated, but girly and it was sooooo easy to do. I just applied a base coat all over (Orly Bonder) and then aplied two coats of Essie’s A Cut above just to the tip. I didn’t have to use any guides to get it there because glitter lends itself to a little wiggle room. I have the glitter some time to dry and then coated it with Seche Vite top coat all over and it turned out great. I’m anxious to try this with other glitter nail polishes. I bet it would be super cute with a gold glitter for the summer.

Hope you enjoyed my piggies 🙂