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So typically in the game of 20 questions the guesser asks the thinker 20 questions to discover what item/thing the thinker is thinking of (talk about a brain teaser). This post will be a little different for a few reasons: a. I haven’t had time to do many posts this week due to my crazy school and work schedule. b. Sometimes I honestly have questions that I need answers to and… c. I definitely am not an expert, just a regular girl.

So here goes- this is my list of questions for YOU. Maybe you have a great suggestion or maybe you want a particular answer to a question I posted below. I might even blog about a question if enough of you want to know the answer. Feel free to answer as many as you can because I would love to get as much advice on these as I can.

1. How do you get eyeliner to stay on your inner rim- particularly white eyeliner? It never stays for me.

2. What are the best brand of skinny jeans for us girls with a little cheer in the rear, junk in the trunk and wide hips? The answer might be that there aren’t any, but I really just want to know.

3. Someone give me some short hair inspiration. I have sholder/chin length hair and need suggestions for new styling. I’m getting bored.

4. How do you make your flats last longer? I wear through mine so far. What is the trick to this?

5. Do you apply eye cream at night and in the morning?

6. Has anyone ever used a whitening mask to clean your skin tone? Should I be afraid or is it easy and painless?

7. What is the best leave-in conditioner that you have tried? A friend asked me and all I could tell her was a shrug.

8. What is the best beauty secret for making yourself look awake when you really are not feeling awake?

9. What is your favorite summer hair accessory? I need a really fun and summery one.

10. Where can I find dotting tools for your nails? I know I can find them online, but I have been looking in stores and am striking out so far.

11. If I was to buy ONE MAC product (besides eyeliner and paint pots) what should I get?

12. How do other beauty bloggers afford so many goodies? I am a jealous, jealous girl.

13. Does anyone actually win all those giveaways that I enter?

14. What is your holy grail mascara?

15. What are your top three subscription services? Are there any that you would totally warn others to stay away from?

16. What is the best brush cleaner you have used?

17. Does anyone really get the color in their hair touched up every six weeks like the stylists always recommend?

18. What is the best product for soothing crazy bug bites? They seriously wait for me to go outside and then all attack at once.

19. What would you like to see more of on the blog?

20. What is your beauty pet peeve?