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I like prooof. I always kind of think crazy things are real. I know logically that the supernatural is probably just a fantastic notion, but I still wonder how about ghosts and aliens (I know what you are thinking). The thing that keeps me on the skeptical side is that I have no proof. I guess in lots of way I am a bit of a Doubting Thomas (at least I can admit it thought, right?).

I had heard a lot about the Living Proof haircare line. It looked too good to be true, like so many other marketing campaigns AND it was pretty pricey so I never tried it out. Well- thanks to my June MyGlam bag I got the chance to try out the Styling Cream from the No Frizz line and you know what… it really is amazing. My hair was crazy soft all day and silky like it has never been before. it totally cut down my frizz and my normally dry hair and scalp felt so much better. So I purchased two discovery kits from Living proof. Each includes a shampoo, conditioner and styling product. I bought the No Frizz line and the Restore line (which I haven’t gotten a chance to slather my hair with just yet). However, i have been using the No Frizz line frequently and it is really wonderful. To be honest though, I think you could get a lot of benefits just from the styling products. If you want to try a part of the line out definitely start there. The shampoo and conditioner will be gone faster and are still expensive so for price’s sake start there.

Anyway, I got my proof. Living Proof is just full of proof (who’da thunk it?!). I definitely recommend following them on Facebook first because sometimes they have good deals that they publicize on there and you can check out all of the photos and testimonials on their Facebook page.

Anyway that is it for my Soapbox post. If you do try it let me know what you think. I’d love to see YOUR before and after photos!