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I honestly think I wore lipstick maybe two or three times before the age of 23. I just hated the cakey, thick way it felt and nothing could really compare to my chapstick. I always liked the way lip color looked on other girls, but I could just never stand the way lipstick felt on my lips. I have been thinking about this lately because my beautiful, funny, intelligent and down-to-earth Aunt (can you tell I adore her?) asked me for a recommendation. She was looking for a lipstick that would give her some color, but not feel so much like a lipstick. I totally could relate to her search.

Drugstore Picks
20120626-183552.jpgSo here goes, Aunt Lisa… first off on the cheaper end of the spectrum I love Revlon Lip Butters. You can pick these up at your local drugstore for a really affordable price and they feel so different than your typical lipstick. I keep describing them as a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm. Anyway, they have a wide array of colors, ranging from light pinks and peaches to candy apple red. I swatched the colors that I own for reference (left to right: Creme Brulee, Creamsicle, Peach Parfait, Cotton Candy, Pink Truffle and Tutti Frutti).

20120626-162337.jpgAnother drugstore favorite is Maybelline Baby Lips. This is a bit more of a balm then the Lip Butters, but it still will give you a hint of color. The color I use is #30 Peach Kiss and it is great for an after lunch swipe of color. The packaging is really cute, but may be too cutesy for some. It reminds me of a lot of makeup products I used when I was a teen.  For this reason I wouldn’t whip this one out on a business trip or if you are trying to appear sophisticated. Don’t get me wrong- the packaging is adorable, but maybe just not professional.


Finally, another balmy favorite are my Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. I have Tiger Lily and Hibiscus and these are also great for an on the go swipe of color. These are definitely more of a lip balm, but they do give you a hint of color. I find that these wear off a lot faster than the Lip Butters, but they do give you a good deal of moisture if you are worried about your lips drying out. They have some other pretty colors too, but the two I mentioned are my go-to shades.

Non-Drugstore Picks
20120626-183608.jpgI have recently begun my love affair with NYX round lipsticks (I can’t even go to Ulta without buying one). These lipsticks are still not super pricey and have a great color payoff. I would say that have more of a lipstick quality to them than the Revlon Lip Butters, but I have found that pairing them with a lip balm over top minimizes that thick lipstick quality. I will sometimes dab a little lip gloss on over top as well and that seems to help with the lipstickiness (ladies and ladies, may I present to you- a new word). I picked up a couple of different nude-esque colors (Nude Pink and Fig) and then received this super fun Orange Soda shade from MyGlam Bag.

And, finally, my most expensive, but lovely lipstick is definitely MAC. These are harder to find than NYX (which you can usually find in any beauty stores like Ulta) and I tend to either shop online or pick one up when in a town with a MAC store. However, there are some in Northern VA if you are looking for one. These have some fantastic colors and the staying power is phenomenal. Believe it or not, I can’t actually find my one single (and lonely) MAC lipstick right now to swatch for you, but it goes without saying that MAC makes high-quality, highly pigmented lipstick.

To finish out this post I have some super exciting news! I love you all so much that I am about to do my first blog giveaway!!! Consider this fair warning to my regular readers because the first giveaway has not gone into effect yet. I am waiting to reach 100 blog followers and I am currently at 92 (soooo close). When I reach the magic 100 there will be a big post with a few simple rules on how to be eligible for the giveaway. Consider yourself warned!