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I had been perusing the internet lately looking at DIY wrap bracelets and came across a super easy and really cute design. Now the disclaimer is that I used imitation leather and a rhinestone chain so not quite the same as leather and diamonds, but we can pretend right?


I got the idea from Honestly… WTF and then make a couple alterations in order to save some money and use what I could find. Instead of a regular leather cord I used imitation leather cord. I picked this up as well as green and navy waxed cotton cord. Finally, I used a rhinetone chain to add a little bling. You double up the imitation leather cord to be the base and then just start wrapping the chain to the cord using your waxed cotton cord. Make sure you keep it as tight as posible as it won’t hold together well over time if you don’t make the fit snug. You can find specific, step-by-step directions on Honestly…WTF’s blog post linked above, but it was so easy and looks so cute wrapped on the wrist. My biggest tip would be to give yourself more cord then you think you will need. My wrap bracelet barely fit at the end and I am lucky lucky it fit at all.

Have you tried other DIY bracelets? Share them with me! I am on a jewelry-making binge!

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