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This month has been filled with more fun stuff. We ate at my first every French Restaurant (Husband: I wonder what they would do if I tried to order potato skins), attended a graduation party for my crazy-smart cousin, watched my niece and nephew perform in a dance recital, introduced my mother to Ulta and so much more fun. Keep in mind that through all of this I am madly trying to finish my grad school homework and reading- oh and the whole working full-time thing. Yeah- busy month. However, this blog and my readers are what keep me sane. So, in the midst of a busy month I did find some favorites.

20120628-100037.jpg1. Coralista Blush from Benefit Cosmetics
I have been wearing this almost every day in June. It is definitely my new favorite blush. The color is a coral pink and feels so fresh for the summertime. The packaging is unique (I love their boxed packaging for their cosmetics) and really allows you to make the most of the product. My only complaint would be the price, but sometimes you have to pay more for good makeup and this blush just works perfect with my pale skintone. I am looking forward to trying out another color in the wintertime. Also, I got a free gift from Ulta when I purchased this and got to try out Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara which I love too.


2. New Couch!!!

Okay so this is not beauty related, but I am completely in love with my new couch. My husband and I decided to spend the dough to upgrade our three-seat sofa to a sectional with plenty of space for us, dogs, visitors, laundry, blankets and pillows. We were inspired by some friends who were couch shopping and let’s face it while we love self-control we are both total impulse shoppers. Regardless, whenever I am not at work or school I am spending time on this baby. In fact, I am blogging from it right now 🙂

3. Seche Vite
You have seen me post about this before, but it really has been a favorite for me this month. This amazingly fast-drying and durable top coat makes home manicures so much more managable. It also evens out your polish underneath, giving it a more professional appearance. I plan to be buying this top coat forever and would recommend it to anyone that complains about how long it takes for nails to dry. It also has helped my manicures stay way longer and I rarely have chips in my polish. Since writing about this on the blog the first time I have had lots of feedback from others saying that it was an amazing product as well.


4.Straight Sexy Hair- Smooth and Seal Spray

This stuff is amazing!!! I love how soft and smooth it makes my hair without leaving any sticky residue. I picked up the sample size at Ulta to try out and even though the price tag was high I will definitely be picking this up when my sample runs out (which will be a long time). This seriously makes me hair so silky and really helps keep the frizz down and my hair looking like I just straightened it. I definitely would recommend this product and will be buying this one for the forseeable future.

5. Little Black Bag!
I can’t brag about this monthly subscription website enough. I just seriously love everything about it. I love picking out my bag each month and then trading my other items with members. It’s so easy and fun (and addicting)! Plus, the staff at LBB are seriously so nice. You get a quick and FRIENDLY answer if you have a question. Definitely try this out if you are in the market for a new bag or accessories. I have been all about LBB this month! If you are looking to join up feel free to use my reference code and then we will be forever linked (aw love).

So what will be my July favorites? You tell me. What should I be trying this July??

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