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And I don’t mean working out (although I should be doing that too). Allow me to introduce an amazing movement started by Haley and Dee. I heard about Mae Movement through some YouTube beauty blogger videos and fell in love with the message and the bracelets. These women have created an outlet for women here to support women in Nepal. Here is a bit about their story in their own words…

“While on vacation during the winter of 2011, we were looking for gifts for our friends. and we came across lovely bracelets from Nepal in a local gift shop. After hearing the story behind them and that they were hand made by the women of Nepal we knew we had to help in some way. However, we did not realize at the time that our lives were about to change. Back home, people stopped us, asking about the bracelets and where they could get them. Later the next month we returned for a college visit and went in search for more bracelets. We contacted Laura, of Lily and Laura Bracelets who lived in Nepal for seven years. As an artiist, she designs and works with the women artisan’s there. We felt this was something we were supposed to get involved with. A whole year later, after wearing and sharing with friends, family and getting involved in local charities and events. Mae Movement is in full motion!”

20120710-132230.jpgSo inspired by there story and in love with their bracelets I placed an order months ago for three of these beauts. While Nepal has been dealing with strikes the creation and delivery has been backed up so I was so happily surprised when these were waiting for me last night in my mailbox. You can choose your own colors and order them in singles or in three’s. A single bracelet is $15 and a group of three are only $35. If you love these as much as I do please order some from the ladies. The store is currently down until the strike subsides, but keep checking back or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.