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So I haven’t posted one of these in forever (in fact I haven’t posted ANYTHING in forever, which I blame on the end of the semester) so I thought “there is no day like today!” Today and yesterday I have been feeling open to trying new things with my eye makeup. Do any of you ever get in a rut? I know I do. I find myself using the same combinations of colors and style and creating the same look, day after day. There is really no reason, other than laziness and low confidence in my abilities, but I decided to try out some new colors this weekend.

20120722-210812.jpgI have had my Nude Tude palette from The Balm for months and have only used it a couple of times. I guess I stuck it in my vanity drawer and forgot about it. I broke that out this weekend and this is what I used on my eye. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid. I then applied Sassy, a creamy white color, to the inner corner of my upper eye, as well as the inner corner of my bottom lid, creating a pop right in the corners. I then used Schitzo all over the lid blending it with Sassy. Then in the outer crease I applied Silly, which is a sparky maroon/brown color that gives definition to the crease. Finally I used Snobby, a cream gold color right in the center of my eyelid. Snobby really took the look to a different level. It’s amazing how a little application of the right color can add something new to an otherwise “normal” eye makeup application.

20120722-210417.jpgI finished off the look with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for my eyeliner and L’oreal Voluminous mascara on my lashes. My final touch was a quick line of Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil along my lower lash line to give my eye a dewey finish. Voila! This stayed put all day and looked fresh hours later, which (let’s be honest) is always the best part. On a side note, I know I look crazy in this photo, but I wanted you to get the full affect of the makeup so I was trying to only slightly open my eyes. Also, I wanted to make you laugh (how sweet of me).

So that brings me to my dilemna. I am heading to the beach in two weeks and I need good beach makeup. What minimalist makeup have you found to be great for light application and lasting ability? I have a few ideas myself, but have been scouring the beauty blogging world for extra tips. I’m all eyes, lovely readers!