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Well, if you are a man and you really do want to read this then help yourself, but consider yourself warned. I thought I would review a couple of girly hygiene products that I have tried out recently. I often find myself staring at the rows of shaving lotions, razors and makeup removers and wondering where to start. We don’t often talk a lot about it on the blogs (why is that?). Let’s face it ladies- we all have a period. We all shave our legs (well for the most part) and we all try to keep our bodies so fresh and so clean.

20120724-212312.jpgFirst off, if you follow me on Twitter (@OhApostrophe1) you have probably been seeing all of the posts about the goodies I received in my VoxBox from Inflenster. I have been trying them out one by one and honestly I have liked most of the products more than I thought I would. One of the products I haven’t talked about yet is Tampax’s Radiant line. The box came with a cute pouch that had some tampons, pads and liners from the new line (you have probably seen he ads for them on tv). To be honest, they were just like regular tampons. The only thing different is they came in a resealable wrapper. So if you are trying to be discreet about being on your period you can seal it back up and not have to worry about leaving it in the trash for your hosts to find. Cool idea. Will most women make use of the packaging? Not so sure about that…

Next up are razors. So my hubby accidentally knocked my razor off it’s shelf (which may have been on top of his shampoo bottle, but I digress) in the shower and the blade popped off. After a few choice curse words (I’m sure) he stuck it back on and then realized he had attached it upside down and now it was stuck that way. Needless to say, I was off to the store to pick out a new razor. I have always used the Venus original razor for no other reason than I didn’t know what else to try. In the spirit of trying new things I picked up the Venus Spa Breeze razors, which have shave gel bars on each side of the bars. Now, let me backtrack and tell you about my poor legs. They are extremely sensitive and I usually have to lather on the shave gel to protect from nicks and irritation. However, I have been so pleasantly surprised with these razors. As long as the razor is wet (i.e. the shave gel bars are wet) they really work well. It is a perfect razor for under the arms because it makes the job faster and easier. I actually really like these and just went out and bought another. The only downside is that they don’t last really long. These would be great to take on vacation if you are trying to pack light, but you will have to buy a lot of these if you are planning to use them all the time. The good news is that even after the shave gel bars are gone you can still use them as a regular razor. If you try these out let me know if they work for you.

One of my biggest challenges is finding the right makeup remover. I will admit that I am lazy about makeup removing and tend to just buy wipes. Why? Well I know I won’t do it if it’s not easy. That sounds so lazy, but by the end of the day I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is a leisurely makeup removing. So I have been trying out makeup removing wipes lately. I have tried Neutrogena, Target brand, E.L.F. brand and most recently Simple brand. The verdict? E.L.F. wipes don’t seem to be saturated enough. The Simple brand has a strange smell. Neutrogena and Target were good, but I haven’t found anything I love yet. 20120724-212338.jpgI did receive a sample of Yes to Cucumbers in my July GlamBag, but I have been saving that for my upcoming week at the week (I’ll let you know what I think soon). So what kind of makeup remover do you use? Are you a wiper like me? 🙂

Finally, I picked up some EOS shave cream in vanilla bliss. So far I really like this. I have loved using the EOS lip balms so these were a natural to try out. I haven’t been using this long enough to tell if I like it for the long-term, but I love the scent. The texture is soft and smooth, almost reminds me of styling mousse. The packaging is also super cute, which never hurts.

What beauty/hygiene products have you been loving, my lovelies?