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Wait… what? July is over? But it just began. This seriously was the fastest month ever in the history of fast months. Trust me- I just know that. So what happened in July? Well I finished summer semester in grad school (three cheers) and I finished all A’s (excuse me while I brush my shoulders off). I also made the official decision to leave my current job at the end of August and start substitute teaching full time while attending school full time. New adventures are super exciting and super scary. Okay, everyone leave me a comment about something totally scary you did and how it paid off. I need confidence and optimism.

So without further ado here are my favorites this month!

1. THE OLYMPICS!!! Okay I know I am a total nut-job, but I seriously am obsessed- like borderline unhealthy. I didn’t post a blog this weekend because I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. I also stayed up until midnight last night watching gymnastics and nearly had a heart attack watching the men’s relay race. I need an intervention.

2. Little Pink Monster– This is a blog written by a local mom in the D.C. area. I was introduced to her blog because I am a huge fan of the Kane Show, which is a radio show in D.C. that features some of the most talented and interesting radio personalities I have heard (that coming from a former radio intern is a big compliment because I have heard a lot). Wow, I got off topic. Anyway, Little Pink Monster is written by Kane from the Kane Show’s wife. She is adorable and creative. She features her adorable daughters in some of her DIY videos as well- which is such a treat. She has done some great tutorials (i.e. the pin curls tutorial is my fave). In addition, she shares her life with her readers. She writes touching and moving blogs that I can relate to. In fact, her blog post about losing her dog made me cry when I read it, when I thought about it later AND when I told my husband about it. Long story short- this blog and blogger are amazing.

3. Nude ‘Tude Palette from the Balm- I have really discovered this palette this month. I have had it for months, but never really explored with it. Well I have embraced it this month. The color payoff is great and there is not a lot of fall out. I love trying out new combinations of colors with shimmer and matte colors. There are a lot of dupes with the NAKED palette from Urban Decay, but there are some different colors with different finishes too. I am so glad I picked this one up. My favorite shades are Snobby, Silly and Seductive.

20120730-193901.jpg4. O.P.I. nail polish in Malaysian Mist- This is THE perfect nude polish. Sometimes after a wild and crazy manicure all I want is a calm and demure manicure. The polish goes on smooth and cleanly. I do have to use three coats of this to get the desired coverage, but the color is exactly right. I usually make the last coat super thick to give a smooth and even finish. If yet?ou are an avid reader you know that I love O.P.I.’s polishes and this one is probably my all-time favorite and go-to shade. Have I convinced you to go buy this one yet? Try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater- I love this spray. First off, the scent of roses is amazing and reminds me so much of my grandma. It totally makes my face feel so much more fresh (so fresh and so clean). Sometimes as the day goes on my face has a tendency to just feel tired and my skin loses it’s fresh morning feel. This really does seem to help give my skin as extra spring in its step. I love to appy this late in the afternoon, but also right before applying my makeup in the morning to help set some moisture in my skin.

6. Target Colorblock Maxi Dress- I guess it’s kind of cheating to include this in July because I just bought this, but I am so in love with it. The dress is the same as the one in the picture, but mine is teal up top, yellow in the middle and puple on the bottom. It’s so summery and beachy and I can’t wait to break it out next week (NEXT WEEK- YAY!). I have struggled to find a maxi dress that fits my body type right, but this one feels so much more right.

So there ya have it- my faves. What were your faves this month?