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That’s right lovelies, it’s beach time! All summer long I have been reading everyone’s posts and watching everyone’s videos about their vacations and lying on the beach or by the pool. Well guess what? It’s finally my turn! FINALLY! So to celebrate my pending vacation and to motivate my lazy bum to start packing I thought I would give you a glimpse into what I am planning to take with me. I have broken this down into categories so you can skip around if you don’t care about clothes or accessories or makeup (although hopefully you do since you are reading this- duh!).

So I wanted a lot of light-weight clothes for this trip seeing as how I will be spending time on the beach and in a bathing suit so I opted for some flowy dresses that can double as cover-ups. The colorblock maxi and the lavender dress were picked up from Target and they really were very reasonably priced. Some tanks and comfy shorts for basking in the 90 degree heat (I’m mellllllting!) are next. These are different styles that I have picked up over the years. I am also 20120731-205830.jpgpacking some more “classy” shorts (for lack of a better term). They are also both Target shorts as well, but I love them. They are not too short (because, well, I am too old and too”bootylicious” for short shorts), but also still give my legs room to breathe. I am also bringing t-shirts and shorts to sleep in, as well as, bathing suits. My favorite suit is this pinky/peach suit that I bought for my honeymoon last November. It has the retro feel, but is still young and a really fun color. I also have a similar one in black that I am planning to bring (I am so over the bikini- also I feel a little too old to be running around in a bikini- agree or disagree?). On a side note, my dog would not move so enjoy him posing with my clothes.

The beach is the BEST place for accessories in my opinion. Wearing minimal clothes means more space for all of those fab accessories and I plan to bring them all :). First off are the hats. I have this amazing huge floppy hat from Badgley Mischka from a few years back. Not only does it protect my face, but it looks totally fab. The other hat is one I got in my recent Little Black Bag that is a multi-color fedora. Jewelry is next. Wrap bracelets are so in this summer and I am bringing every single one that I own. I am 20120731-210054.jpgalso planning on bringing my white Anne Klein watch and a bunch of long draping necklaces and earrings. I tried to bring lighter jewelry, not in terms of color, but in terms of heaviness. When the air is thick and humid the last thing you want is a heavy jewelry weighing you down. Bracelets are a favorite of mine at the beach though.  Also in my 20120731-210533.jpgpile are some fun scarves and most importantly SUNGLASSES!!!! I am bringing about five pairs because they are all so different. Protect your pupils, lovelies! Plus, who wants their eyelids to get burned. Trust me. It has happened to me before. Sunglasses are good for your eyes AND they  are fashion forward.

20120731-210147.jpgOkay, the truth is that I am going to probably bring most of my everyday makeup and a couple of palettes, but I don’t plan to wear all of that everyday so I am just including my everyday beach makeup. First off, I am bringing a waterproof mascara for everyday use. This will stay put through saltwater, chlorine and sweat (yes, women really do sweat). Also, in my bag is Smashbox BB cream, instead of foundation, and bronzer. I also am bringing every tinted lip balm I own, especially my Burt’s Bees ones. I want to layer on the SPF on my lips, but these are also the perfect opportunity to add a little color too. I am also planning to put my eyelash 20120731-210313.jpgcurlers to work this week and use a bit of highlighter. Nothing major, just a touch here and there. I am sure I will sweat it off anyway. Can we talk for a second about how cute this makeup bag is? I bought it on Etsy a while back from the shop MarineParents. I am completely in love AND I can actually fit my palettes in here if I squeeze. So wonderful! Definitely go check them out- she has tons of colors and these would make fabulous gifts.

So some of this might seem obvious, but hey, this is a packing blog post so this is what you get. For the shower I am bringing my sample size of the Living Proof Restore collection (to save room) as well as the Living Proof Anti-Frizz Styling Cream (just in case). I also will be bringing some clarifying shampoo (this is the Neutrogena brand) and my Aussie 3-Minute Miracle. I am throwing in a pack of Venus Spa Breeze razors to cut down my need to haul shave gel too. Nivea body wash is going in the bag, as well as the other bathroom essentials. The other main beauty product that I am bringing is sunscreen. I am bringing a number of different kinds including Hawaiian Tropic (which I got as a sample in my VoxBox from Influenster) and a generic Target brand. I also have Aloe Vera for emergencies (like when one of your toes doesn’t get suncreen and burns or your husband burns because he doesn’t apply sunscreen due to the fact that he “never burns”). For my face I will be applying a couple of different things. First off is my Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I use this everyday, but I do worry about my face and skin so I will probably apply some additional sunscreen as well- in this case Aveeno sunscreen specifically made for your face.

Whew! That was exhausting. Anyway, I am already packing and it is only Tuesday. Bad sign? Have you already had your vacation? What am I forgetting in my bag? 🙂