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This blog is a bit more personal than most of my others. It’s about why I blog. I have had a lot of people who know me seem surprised when they find out I have a beauty blog. I guess it probably just never really seemed like my thing. Sure I wore a small amount of makeup in high school and college, but I never had confidence in applying it. I saw other girls who really knew what they were doing and it made me too intimidated to try anything new with my makeup (much less my hair and style). I just chalked it up to the fact that I “just wasn’t good at it.”

I’m not saying that you need to be into your appearance to have confidence, but for me learning how to apply makeup and style myself in a more professional way has given me confidence. I remember asking a friend of mine about a year ago how do you LEARN to apply makeup well. She said, “You just practice. It just takes time.” Boy, was she right. I have learned so much from doing this blog and forcing myself to practice with my makeup.

Starting this blog took a lot of courage for me. I was sure that people would judge me (and maybe they do) and I was afraid of looking foolish or ameteurish (which I might). However, gathering the courage to say, “I have something to say that people are interested in,” was so empowering. Whether or not you read each blog post, it’s a hobby and a purpose for me. I look forward to sharing the latest thing I have discovered and seeing what you think.

I know many of you have blogs of your own so I am curious why you started yours. What is the story behind your story? What has beauty blogging (or any kind of blogging) done for you- what have you gained?

On a side note, I am excited to announce that I have some guest bloggers that will be joining us soon. I have reached out to some amazing and beautiful women that I know to share their experiences with me (and you) and I can’t wait to introduce them to you.