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If you are anything like me you have spent the past week with your eyeballs glued to the TV screen, learning the rules of table tennis and volleyball. I found myself yelling in my bedroom at 11 p.m. trying to urge Phelps whoop some tail. Seriously, this is so not me. I have always been a fan of the Summer Games, in particular swimming and gymnastics, but for some reason this summer I have crossed the line into crazy. Naturally, I had to figure out some ways to incorporate my new crazy, unhealthy obsession in with my blog (if you missed my Olympics mani check it out here). Today, I will be announcing my beauty superlatives for the Olympics. Did I miss anyone? Add yours below! It’s still early so I might need to do a second edition of this.

Most Creative
Brazilian gymnast Daniele Matias Hypolito sported her country’s colors in her amazing blue, green and yellow eye makeup. Brazil may not have medaled in the country competition, but Hypolito was memorable because she wasn’t afraid to wear her pride on her… eyes. I will admit- I was almost taken about when I first saw her, but I totally have appreciation for that pride. You go girl!

Most Sophisticated
U.S. Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber represented well, both in gymnasts and her appearance. Look at this face! Flawless, I tell you. Seriously though, her skin is amazing. Her eye makeup was classy and trendy (incorporating more of a brown smoky eye). Her hair was consistently pulled back into a classic ponytail and her makeup was demure, but beautiful. Way to represent, girlfriend! Oh and I may have cried when the team won the Gold- don’t judge.

Most Trendy
I kind of have fallen in love with Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings during this Olympics. Not only are these girls completely badass and dominating, they are such natural beauties. First, I need to say that watching these girls play volleyball in bikinis lit a fire under my bum to get in shape. Most of all I spent hours admiring their braids. They took Katniss inspiration to a whole new level. It’s no secret that braids are in and the ladies showed off high braids that looked so trendy and summery. It almost makes me wish my hair was long again!

Most Naturally Beautiful
I will admit it- I think she’s amazing. Up to this point, Lolo Jones has not competed on the track, but she has been in the news and let’s face you- you don’t want to avoid her. This girl is just downright beautiful. She has unabashedly told reporters about her virginity and embraced the backlash that ensued. She is funny. Don’t believe me? Go follow her Twitter. Girl has sass and attitude (my two favorite things, well if the attitude is positive). Also, can we just talk about how well she pulled off the opening ceremonies uniform- like a CHAMP.

While the men aren’t likely to be trying out any beauty trends, we can’t mention the Olympics and not address our favorite men…

Most Likely to Become a History Lesson
Michael Phelps

Most Over-Confident
Ryan Lochte and Lebron James

Most Embarrassing Parent
Mr (and Mrs.) Raisman

Biggest Team Player
Jonathan Horton