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20120812-214005.jpgWhat is it about a shiny new penny that makes you happy? Have you ever recieved a just minted penny and truly appreciated the color and the sheen of that cent? I always loved them. My stepdad actually saves them because he loves them so much. Well, I was very excited to see that Essie appreciates the copper beauty of the penny just as much as I do. They released a new metallics line of polishes and I loved the colors so much that I picked up Penny Talk, which is literally the color of copper pennies.

The polish has great coverage. In some cases I didn’t even need a second coat, although I did two coats anyway. It goes on fairly 20120812-214031.jpgsmooth, although I did notice if you have any bumps or divets in your nails a metallic polish will make those more noticeable. I seem to have one hand with smooth and perfect nails and the other with bumpy and peeling nails. Why is that? Does anyone else have this?

Sorry, I was gone so long my lovelies. I was busy wearing my penny nails at the beach for vacation. Now it’s back to the daily grind and I feel Fall trends just around the corner. What Fall trends are you planning to rock?

More soon!