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Like many of you, I struggle to find a way to feed my beauty addiction while not breaking the bank. Lately, I have put myself on a bit of a beauty ban. No shopping for expensive products and trying to figure out find how to use my existing products to create new looks (considerably less exciting than a shopping spree at Sephora, but it’ll do). However, I have picked up a couple of drugstore products over the past few weeks and I am hoping to share here some of my favorite drugstore finds.

20120814-215212.jpgI have been completely loving Maybelline MegaPlush mascara. I had heard so many great things about this mascara and, let’s face it, the price was oh so right. I’ll be honest-this mascara works just as well as my L’oreal Voluminous and my Benefit Bad Gal mascaras. Honestly, I have become a drugstore mascara believer. The price is so much cheaper and the drama and effect are virtually undetectable from the pricier brands. The mascara comes off easily with makeup remover or wipes and I have not been experiencing any smudging under the eyes- AMAZING! I picked this up at CVS for $7.49.

20120814-215245.jpgI also have been using my E.L.F. cool bronzer from Target, which retails for $3.00 (THREE DOLLARS!!!). With pale skin I had always been afraid of bronzer, but this product is just the right tone and really allows you to apply and brush off the excess. My complaint with a lot of other bronzers is that if you get too much on it’s hard to get SOME off, without taking it all off. E.L.F.’s bronzers really allow you to do this and get the tone of the bronzer just right. I used this each night that we went out at the beach to give myself a little extra color on my face, without over-bronzing and going all orange face on my husband.

Thanks to my totally fabulous sister-in-law, I totally fell in love with Banana Boat Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion. Not only did this soothe my skin at the beach, but it left my skin so soft and smooth. I actually like the scent, although I know it’s probably not for everyone. It seriously feels like putting butter on your skin, without all of the greasiness. For a while I had convinced myself that all of the sand had exfoliated my skin and then (duh!) it hit me that this after sun lotion was the magic ingredient. What a simple product that I always overlooked! This looks to be retailing at Walgreens for $5.19- not bad at all.

20120814-215305.jpgFinally, my latest favorite lip product is Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain. I held out for quite some time on this one. I think the packaging was turning me off for some reason. It just looked like a big marker or crayon. I decided to jump ship and I am so glad that I did. You can’t even feel this on your lips and the color payoff is really high. I picked up the color Sweetheart Valentine and it is a fantastic bright pink. I usually shy away from bright colors (I’m a nudist at heart), but this shade has made me obsessed with bright lip color. Figures that I would fall in love with bright colors just as Summer is winding down. Target is showing this available for $7.69. The stain will last you forever so I would imagine that the payoff is ideal.

Here are some of my old favorites that you guys have heard me talk about before. Click on the links to hear more about the product.

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