Eye of the Day!


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So I haven’t posted one of these in forever (in fact I haven’t posted ANYTHING in forever, which I blame on the end of the semester) so I thought “there is no day like today!” Today and yesterday I have been feeling open to trying new things with my eye makeup. Do any of you ever get in a rut? I know I do. I find myself using the same combinations of colors and style and creating the same look, day after day. There is really no reason, other than laziness and low confidence in my abilities, but I decided to try out some new colors this weekend.

20120722-210812.jpgI have had my Nude Tude palette from The Balm for months and have only used it a couple of times. I guess I stuck it in my vanity drawer and forgot about it. I broke that out this weekend and this is what I used on my eye. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid. I then applied Sassy, a creamy white color, to the inner corner of my upper eye, as well as the inner corner of my bottom lid, creating a pop right in the corners. I then used Schitzo all over the lid blending it with Sassy. Then in the outer crease I applied Silly, which is a sparky maroon/brown color that gives definition to the crease. Finally I used Snobby, a cream gold color right in the center of my eyelid. Snobby really took the look to a different level. It’s amazing how a little application of the right color can add something new to an otherwise “normal” eye makeup application.

20120722-210417.jpgI finished off the look with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for my eyeliner and L’oreal Voluminous mascara on my lashes. My final touch was a quick line of Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil along my lower lash line to give my eye a dewey finish. Voila! This stayed put all day and looked fresh hours later, which (let’s be honest) is always the best part. On a side note, I know I look crazy in this photo, but I wanted you to get the full affect of the makeup so I was trying to only slightly open my eyes. Also, I wanted to make you laugh (how sweet of me).

So that brings me to my dilemna. I am heading to the beach in two weeks and I need good beach makeup. What minimalist makeup have you found to be great for light application and lasting ability? I have a few ideas myself, but have been scouring the beauty blogging world for extra tips. I’m all eyes, lovely readers!


My New Friend, Matte


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Allow me to introduce you to my new friend, Matte. He’s very unique and quite dark/brooding. He scoofs at polish and shine, but is so good-looking. Well the jig is up- my new BFF is simply matte nail polish. I kept seeing this totally fabulous matte black manicure on Pinterest and have been searching for matte nail polish, which apparently is much harder to find than I thought it would be.

20120717-210910.jpgWell I finally tracked down some NYX nail polish in black at a fragrance store at my local mall (of all places, I know). Now mine did not turn out as good as the picture above, but it still gives a nice effect and something totally unique.

So I started out with my Orly bonder to keep my nails from getting discolored and to help “bond” the polish to my nail. I applied two coats of the NYX matte polish in black and then applied my Seche Vite top coat to the tips of each finger. I free-handed this so it might look a lot better if you used some sort of guide (round bandaids maybe). I think this would also be cool with a glitter tip to each nail and have thought about adding this multiple times since applying the black polish.

Also, I am planning to do a video this week. I know, it’s been forever, but I have so much to share with you and have a Birchbox and MyGlam Bag review for this month. Get excited! So many great summer beauty products. Stay tuned, my lovelies!



And the winner is…


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You didn’t think I was really going to post the winner of my giveaway in the first sentence, did you? Well, let me tell you a little about my fabulous winner. I randomly selected one of my followers and since then I am addicted to this girl’s blog. She is a fantasic blogger who really shares herself in each post. She shares her insecurities and her successes, her heartbreaks and her joy. Basically, she’s fabulous. Please go check out britneyana‘s blog and tell her congrats!!

Don’t disappear my giveaway lovas! There will be more to come. I had so much fun doing this first one and have big plans for the next one. Thanks for reading, lovelies!!

Get Moving!


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And I don’t mean working out (although I should be doing that too). Allow me to introduce an amazing movement started by Haley and Dee. I heard about Mae Movement through some YouTube beauty blogger videos and fell in love with the message and the bracelets. These women have created an outlet for women here to support women in Nepal. Here is a bit about their story in their own words…

“While on vacation during the winter of 2011, we were looking for gifts for our friends. and we came across lovely bracelets from Nepal in a local gift shop. After hearing the story behind them and that they were hand made by the women of Nepal we knew we had to help in some way. However, we did not realize at the time that our lives were about to change. Back home, people stopped us, asking about the bracelets and where they could get them. Later the next month we returned for a college visit and went in search for more bracelets. We contacted Laura, of Lily and Laura Bracelets who lived in Nepal for seven years. As an artiist, she designs and works with the women artisan’s there. We felt this was something we were supposed to get involved with. A whole year later, after wearing and sharing with friends, family and getting involved in local charities and events. Mae Movement is in full motion!”

20120710-132230.jpgSo inspired by there story and in love with their bracelets I placed an order months ago for three of these beauts. While Nepal has been dealing with strikes the creation and delivery has been backed up so I was so happily surprised when these were waiting for me last night in my mailbox. You can choose your own colors and order them in singles or in three’s. A single bracelet is $15 and a group of three are only $35. If you love these as much as I do please order some from the ladies. The store is currently down until the strike subsides, but keep checking back or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.


Magnetically Charged


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In my Summer beauty VoxBox from Influenster I received Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in #903 Silver Elements. I didn’t know what to expect with this polish at all, but have been pleasantly surprised.

First, if you are not already familiar with Influenster it is a website that judges, based off questionnaires how “influential” you are and you then qualify for FREE boxes filled with beauty. I will be doing an overall video that includes all of the products, but I had to share this one right away.

20120706-205113.jpgI applied a layer of my Orly bonder base coat and then one coat of the SH magnetic polish. I let this dry completely and then applied a thick second coat one nail at a time. After applying the thick coat on each nail you use the magnet on top of the bottle of polish and hold it over the nail for 10 seonds (I did it for about 20 secs, just to be sure). The magnet creates these beautiful ridges in the polish that are so different than anything I have ever tried. On top of all of that it was SO EASY! I finshed it with a top coat of Seche Vite.

Definitely try this polish out if you get the chance. It is so fun and different! Just a reminder that I did recieve this product for free from Influenster for me to try out and review.

Don’t forget my lovelies that tonight is the the last night to enter my giveaway. I can’t wait to give it away to one of you lovely ladies.



June Favorites


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This month has been filled with more fun stuff. We ate at my first every French Restaurant (Husband: I wonder what they would do if I tried to order potato skins), attended a graduation party for my crazy-smart cousin, watched my niece and nephew perform in a dance recital, introduced my mother to Ulta and so much more fun. Keep in mind that through all of this I am madly trying to finish my grad school homework and reading- oh and the whole working full-time thing. Yeah- busy month. However, this blog and my readers are what keep me sane. So, in the midst of a busy month I did find some favorites.

20120628-100037.jpg1. Coralista Blush from Benefit Cosmetics
I have been wearing this almost every day in June. It is definitely my new favorite blush. The color is a coral pink and feels so fresh for the summertime. The packaging is unique (I love their boxed packaging for their cosmetics) and really allows you to make the most of the product. My only complaint would be the price, but sometimes you have to pay more for good makeup and this blush just works perfect with my pale skintone. I am looking forward to trying out another color in the wintertime. Also, I got a free gift from Ulta when I purchased this and got to try out Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara which I love too.


2. New Couch!!!

Okay so this is not beauty related, but I am completely in love with my new couch. My husband and I decided to spend the dough to upgrade our three-seat sofa to a sectional with plenty of space for us, dogs, visitors, laundry, blankets and pillows. We were inspired by some friends who were couch shopping and let’s face it while we love self-control we are both total impulse shoppers. Regardless, whenever I am not at work or school I am spending time on this baby. In fact, I am blogging from it right now 🙂

3. Seche Vite
You have seen me post about this before, but it really has been a favorite for me this month. This amazingly fast-drying and durable top coat makes home manicures so much more managable. It also evens out your polish underneath, giving it a more professional appearance. I plan to be buying this top coat forever and would recommend it to anyone that complains about how long it takes for nails to dry. It also has helped my manicures stay way longer and I rarely have chips in my polish. Since writing about this on the blog the first time I have had lots of feedback from others saying that it was an amazing product as well.


4.Straight Sexy Hair- Smooth and Seal Spray

This stuff is amazing!!! I love how soft and smooth it makes my hair without leaving any sticky residue. I picked up the sample size at Ulta to try out and even though the price tag was high I will definitely be picking this up when my sample runs out (which will be a long time). This seriously makes me hair so silky and really helps keep the frizz down and my hair looking like I just straightened it. I definitely would recommend this product and will be buying this one for the forseeable future.

5. Little Black Bag!
I can’t brag about this monthly subscription website enough. I just seriously love everything about it. I love picking out my bag each month and then trading my other items with members. It’s so easy and fun (and addicting)! Plus, the staff at LBB are seriously so nice. You get a quick and FRIENDLY answer if you have a question. Definitely try this out if you are in the market for a new bag or accessories. I have been all about LBB this month! If you are looking to join up feel free to use my reference code and then we will be forever linked (aw love).

So what will be my July favorites? You tell me. What should I be trying this July??

Don’t forget that there is still time to sign up for my giveaway! The details are here. You have until tomorrow at midnight so hurry and enter. As always, thanks for reading my lovelies!

Dots All, Folks!


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To continue my Fourth of July nail theme I used my new dotting tools that I received from Amazon in the nail. These handy dandy tools with a variety of ball ends are perfect for creating delightful, perfect dots. After I did this design I worried that these might be a bit juvenile, but whatever.

20120702-132248.jpgI used the same colors that I did in my Stars and Stripes post (Orly Bonder base coat, O.P.I. in Got the Blues for Red, Essie in Aruba Blue and my Seche Vite top coat). My base was a Sinful Colors polish in White. This Sinful polish was a bit hard to control so there was much cuticle clean-up afterwards. After applying two coats of the white polish I ised my dotting tool to do all my my fingers, except the ring finger with deep red polka dots. I then went back and did my ring fingers with the deep blue color. I find this has a nice touch of Fourth of July polish without going over the top. I might still change these up on Wednesday. I am dying to try my striping tape that also came in the mail.

Share your patriotic designs with me. I need more inspiration! I have been watching the Olympic Trials this week and I am feeling an Olympic theme in my future…

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Wrapped in Leather and Diamonds


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I had been perusing the internet lately looking at DIY wrap bracelets and came across a super easy and really cute design. Now the disclaimer is that I used imitation leather and a rhinestone chain so not quite the same as leather and diamonds, but we can pretend right?


I got the idea from Honestly… WTF and then make a couple alterations in order to save some money and use what I could find. Instead of a regular leather cord I used imitation leather cord. I picked this up as well as green and navy waxed cotton cord. Finally, I used a rhinetone chain to add a little bling. You double up the imitation leather cord to be the base and then just start wrapping the chain to the cord using your waxed cotton cord. Make sure you keep it as tight as posible as it won’t hold together well over time if you don’t make the fit snug. You can find specific, step-by-step directions on Honestly…WTF’s blog post linked above, but it was so easy and looks so cute wrapped on the wrist. My biggest tip would be to give yourself more cord then you think you will need. My wrap bracelet barely fit at the end and I am lucky lucky it fit at all.

Have you tried other DIY bracelets? Share them with me! I am on a jewelry-making binge!

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100 Subscribers+ GIVEAWAY!


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To thank all of my amazing blog subscribers I am hosting a giveaway! Get excited!


So here is what you can win:

– London Soho Makeup Bag
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– Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potions samples
– Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment sample- I am a true believer in Living Proof products.
– Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss in #6
– Cover Girl Shimmering Sands Trio eyeshadow- One of my favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes. Perfect for everyday application.
– Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus- My favorite color in BB’s Tinted Lip Balms. It’s a rosy color that still moisturizes your lips.
– Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy- If you have been reading for a while you KNOW how much I love Lip Butters. I recently got this color for myself and love it.

So how do you enter? There are a few simple rules. You will have a week to enter so all entries should be recieved by next Saturday, July 7.

1. You must be a subscriber to my blog.
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Good luck, my ladies, and thank you so much for reading 🙂 You guys are the best!

Stars and Stripes


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With the 4th of July approaching next week I have been feeling awfully patriotic. My hubby will be busy at work on his military base so I am trying to figure out how to celebrate at home with just me and the pups. I thought nails would be the perfect way to celebrate the 4th and then, of course, follow it up with 2484629 hours of homework (I think I can, I think I can).

20120628-214050.jpgBut really, here is my attempt. I may redo these before the 4th. I am waiting for some nail strips to arrive which would be great for stripe designs. For this design I used my Orly Bonder base coat and O.P.I. in Got the Blues for Red on four of my fingers. I then applied Essie in Aruba Blue on my ring fingers. I applied a second coat and then my Seche Vite top coat to allow the base color to dry. I then used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White to freehand the stripes and stars. This was not perfect by any means (which is why I might redo it), but it was fun to be creative with the stripes. To top of the big star on each ring finger I used an adhesive rhinestone blue star. These didn’t stick well so I packed on th Seche Vite to hopefully give them some extra hold and it did seem to help.

I actually love the festiv nature of these and am excited to try some other new designs with the tools. Practice makes perfect, right? What other stars and stripes designs are you trying? If you are not in the U.S. what patriotic designs have you tried out?

We hit 100 subscribers so look for the post about the big giveaway tomorrow. I am so excited to see what you guys think! If you didn’t see my post earlier be sure to follow the blog on our new twitter account @OhApostrophe1. Love you, lovelies!!